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Every Tuesday and Thursday since late 2019 yours truly here has been diligently hammering away at the keyboards with insights, rants and general ideological regurgitation of brain farts and concepts. If you already subscribe that's great! You're getting them already. But if you want to 'try it on' before buying, so to speak, then by all means read away below!

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Graphic Novel review: Tiny Acts of Violence part 1 of 2

In Cold-War era East Berlin, we're confronted with a man named Metzger.


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Profile on a 1970s artifact: the 8-track tape player.

What's an 8-track?


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Comic book review: The Blue Lily 1 and 2

Raymond Chandler meets C-3PO...


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Mad Magazine Artist profile: Sergio Aragon├ęs.

I'm going to 'corner the market' so to speak...


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Comic book review: Blood, Skulls, and Chrome 1 - 5

It's a Motorcycle Club known as "The Steel Knights."


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Wanna fun quick read three times a week?

It's called Double Barrel.


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Graphic novel review part 2 of 2: Southern Bastards

The twisted inner world of the Deep South unapologetically laid before our eyes.


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Hell Ride. Tarantino's nod to B-movie values.

Quentin Tarantino is known for his flawless execution of story and character. This was not one of those.


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Graphic novel review part 1 of 2: Southern Bastards

Football's coming up quick in the windshield.


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Graphic Novel review: The Marquis: Inferno

Getting 'medieval' on your ass? More like 'getting Baroque' if that can be a term.


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A Man Who Gets the Language Right...

Some post-war decades have their own sayings...


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Comic book review: The Polar Paradox II

As I mentioned in reviewing Part One, it left off with a decent 'hook' (is that close enough to be a pun?) in this undersea adventure to make me want to read more.


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Graphic novel review: The Killer

It's originally French, so everything about it is European in flavor, pacing and style. It plays out very much like a foreign thriller.


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Graphic novel review: Dead Inside

A gigantic inmate gets stabbed to death by a skinny runt... who then hangs himself. Police Detective Linda Caruso is charged with filing the report of cause of death.


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Graphic novel review: Black Hammer vol. 1

Comic book writers like Super Heroes a lot. There's something about the variety of ways that Super Heroes can manipulate their environments that spurs the creative ideas of your every day comic book writer.


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How desperate are you to get a comic made?

I would get me fired if I got caught. I used the xerox machine to print 20 copies of my comic book...


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Graphic Novel review: The Fix

I absolutely cracked up with the 'bad lieutenant' story line, following one L.A. police detective named Roy who is perpetually seeking a way to 'sell' what he does as a cop to some Hollywood Producer for big bucks.


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What inspired 'Juanita's Cocktail Lounge?'

Tom Cruise made a lot of throwaway movies. Quick in and out, with some snickering jokes along the way. Then he made Interview with the Vampire and became "the acting talent that is Tom Cruise."


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Comic book review: Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies

Attack of the Time Stamp!!!


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Thoughts on Zippy the Pinhead...

If there was a Zippy the Pinhead movie, I would want it to start where he goes to the laundromat.


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Comic book review: Miserably Altered

Did ka ka get altered? If so, did her alteration happen in a miserable way?


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The Last Homicide part 1 of 2

When it comes down to it most comics are like hosting a party.


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Hardcover Graphic Novel Review: Wailing Blade Vol. 1

It has a very colorful palette and somewhat stylized cartoony characters who show a lot of teeth. And man-buns.


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Hardcover Graphic Novel Review: Lady Killer

Josie Schuller is a modern every-day housewife.


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Yes, Tim Larsen did draw superheroes...

I can honestly say I had a stint with super heroes, with inventing them and writing/illustrating a few stories. They're embarrassing.


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Comic Book Review: Mahoney's

What is Mahoney's? It's a bar intended for super-villainy. They all hang out here.


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Comic Book Review: Charlie's Spot

I like the small stage. There's so much you can do with it. Charlie's Spot has that going for it, for sure.


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Comic Book Review: Ascencia

I've read through these four comics twice and I can't really say anything new about them or their concepts.


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Script ideas, again!

Last October I had a bit of fun throwing out some weird, funky or stupid ideas for stories. They could be comics, stage plays, full blown movies or a quaint quirky Netflix series. I'm back again with another 8 completely new ones!


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Comic Book Review: Starweed

In the future it's found that certain strains of marijuana can be made more potent by combining it with the remains of a dead person.


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The Tower, and killing time in Berkeley

Across the street was a used book store that was open, so I went in.


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Comic Book Review: James and the New World Order

'It's the end of the world as we know it...'


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5 Biker-related appearances in movies

I thought it would be cool to do a quick overview of just some movies where a M.C. appears.


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Graphic Novel Review: That Texas Blood

That Texas Blood certainly doesn't feel thick or dense, quite the opposite.


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The loner guy again: Drive from 2011

There's a hundred-thousand streets in this city.


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Graphic Novel Review: The Crow Special Edition

Have you ever run across something that jogs your memory to that moment you were inspired to start what you're doing now?


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YouTube comic book tutorials from Tim Larsen: Penciling a page part 1

Another YouTube video!


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Comic book reviews: Two from Andrew Guilde

Andrew is a very busy person.


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Sometimes you just need to dis-connect.

Sometimes you got to jump out of your skin...


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Tuesday Comic book review: The Polar Paradox

There's been several action/adventure stories in movies TV and literature surrounding the world in the oceans.


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YouTube comic book tutorials from Tim Larsen... back again!

You can watch these on my YouTube playlist, which you can subscribe to as well!


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Tuesday Comic book review: Black Ball

It's so cute!


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Inking a comic page.

Revisiting some techniques: Inking a comic book page.


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Tuesday Comic review: Bolt Action/Fiends

I must report that after reading these three comics there was no shortage of titillating imagery: Gore aplenty, lots of boobs, full nudity, carnage, gun play...


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Easy Rider

Easy Rider made Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda lots of money.


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Comic Book Review: Digitopia

First of all, I think the colors and total packaging is very concise and elegant.


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PEACHES... what does it stand for?

Plan, Energy, Action, Craft, Help others, Engage, and Study the results.


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Comic Anthology Review: Tales from the Cryptic Closet

Horror comics never really went away, they got separated for a while from its audience.


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Graphic Novel review: Reckless

I've read a few books by this team...


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Mayfield Eight back story written by a fan...

I was very impressed with his rough and brusque style that held no punches and seemed gritty and real.


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If Mayfield Eight were a movie, who would I cast?

The hero of the story, my 17 year old fry cook Honda-riding main character of course would go to...


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Mayfield Eight Part Three gets Variant Covers.

Here's a preview of them.


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Mayfield Eight gets talked up some more...

One of the great things about working in comics for a while is you get to share your ideas with them, and you get to see their latest projects or read their latest posts.


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Comic book review: By the Time I Get to Dallas Book 2

The story of Rudy Deckart continues.


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Michael Penick talks up my comic.

"I've come to praise Tim Larsen, not to bury him."


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Comic book review: The Raven Menace

Crows and ravens are truly ominous animals, just ask Edgar Alan Poe.


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Tuesday Comic Book Review: The Macabre Motel

A man stops at a motel -The Macabre Motel- and experiences some weird things.


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Thursday Graphic Novel Review: Madi

It's a future noir cyberpunk story, very long page count again. I'm very glad I pledged on Kickstarter for this.


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Tuesday Comic Review: 'Y: The Last Man Omnibus' Part 4 of 4

Okay, I give up.


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Tuesday Comic Review: 'Y: The Last Man Omnibus' Part 3 of 4

I can understand Brian Vaughan's perspective on this story. It's disguised as post-apocalyptic end-of-days struggle but really it's human drama. Like the kind you find in one act plays or soap operas.


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R Rand Holmes and Harold Hedd

I can only imagine what it must have been like to be a young man coming of age in the high water of the Hippie movement, especially in a liberal enclave like Vancouver...


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Tuesday Comic Review: 'Y: The Last Man Omnibus'Part 2 of 4

Chewin' through it. Of the 1424 pages I'm up to 512.


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