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Every Tuesday and Thursday since late 2019 yours truly here has been diligently hammering away at the keyboards with insights, rants and general ideological regurgitation of brain farts and concepts. If you already subscribe that's great! You're getting them already. But if you want to 'try it on' before buying, so to speak, then by all means read away below!

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Comic book review: Sink Cutthroat

John Lees and Alex Cormac deliver on a solid, gritty tale that satisfies.


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4 Great Summer Read Novels About Bikers

Summer Reading Time.


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Comic Book Review: A Fistful of Pain

A coffee table book.


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5 things indie comic creators have going for them.

5 areas where independent comic book creators generally either get things right or have a clear advantage over the mainstream.


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Graphic Novel Review: Left Turns

Dramatically it has all the sharp edges rounded off.


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5 bad habits of Indie Comics Creators

5 basic areas where Indie Comics can fix their work right away.


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Comic book review: Queen 3 and 4

The story wraps up with a bit of a head scratcher.


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Comic book review: Queen 1 and 2

This is an interesting story so far, with a very slow pacing.


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Tulsa King: showing your age is cool.

You get an appreciation for stories that take into account a character's life experiences.


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Comic book review: Gage and the Dragon's Tear part 4

It's almost as if Patrick Kellner is trying to tell two stories at once.


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Graphic novel review: Aquila

it does a decent job of laying out its action and putting together a cohesive story.


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Remembering Doing Da Vinci

This was an interesting show.


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Comic book review: Evie and the Helsings

This idea, a heavy metal band with a front singer à la Buffy who kills vampires is a great one.


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Three great resources for starting your drawing journey...

Here's three books that you'd be well served to study.


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Comic book review: Grimm Space

His name is "P1-nocchio"


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Comic book review: Day-Glo A-hole

I really, honestly don't know how this comic landed in my mailbox.


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Remembering American Restoration

"One man's junk..."


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Comic book review: The Alchemist of Aurillia 3

I'm happy to report that the action of her stories is getting better


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Remembering Junkyard Wars

It was formatted like a game show with on-site teams competing against each other at a large scrapyard...


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Comic book anthology review: Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter

Mr. Guy is a half-goblin half-pint who got infected with the Zombie virus, but just a little bit. In his arm.


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Ray Ryder and Wife: A New Variant Cover

Ray Ryder, back in 1956 on a picnic with his honey and new wifey.


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Graphic Novel review: G.I.L.T.

This is a gorgeous, simply breathtaking example of artwork that gets it right every page, every panel.


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Death Wobble: A New Variant Cover

A bonus feature on the back end of Part Four: "Let's Party!"


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Comic book review: Miss Medusa 2

This was an entertaining rollicking, confusing ball of densely packed detail.


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A truly horrible 1970s living room decor...

Why is it that people did this to their homes?


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Comic book review: Skinned, 1 - 4 Tarot Edition

an urban legend named Skinned Tom, a man who was skinned alive years ago


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I got more great comics to share.

Eight more comics -potentially to buy if you feel inclined- surrounding the antics of Colt Buckshot and Jackson Dupagne...


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Comic book review: Sex, Spies & Rock and Roll

I was impressed by the art in the first story I read, and the second one too.


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Taking A.I. for a comic book scripting test-drive...

Here's a snippet of what it wrote.


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Comic book review: Snow Paw 2

When we last left farm girl Cirray MacKinlay she was witnessing her family being attacked by werewolves.


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Graphic Novel review: Decades

Decades is a book where the main subject isn't the crime, or the criminal.


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Where was that crash site exactly?

In a state of pure knuckle-headedness I forgot to figure out where those railroad tracks would lie.


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Comic book review: In The Land of the Dragon

The Land of the Dragon is full of fighting scenes, with a lot of shooting.


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Ten great websites about comic books to read and be informed...

And then there were ten.


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Comic book review: Turner Family Terrors

A Mom and Dad, brother and sister go off to see Grandpa. Sister is keeping a dazed monkey she found in the trunk of the car.


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Five great podcasts about comic books to listen to...

Podcasts have really come unto their own in the last decade.


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Graphic Novel Review: Emora

Emora is a fantasy driven story much like a lot of children's or young adult yarns set in far off places.


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Graphic Novel Review: The Few and the Cursed: Heart Shaped Ambition

A privateer ship that goes about attacking the French in the South Seas gets its crew replaced.


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The Last of Us vs. The Walking Dead

Environmental/political sci-fi stories used to be the norm but they're going away. I


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Comic book review: The Polar Paradox, Equator's End

Meet you in the middle.


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Profile on Gilbert Shelton's Wonder Wart Hog

Wonder Wart Hog, the Hog of Steel!


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Graphic Novel review: Space Pussycat

"I want tuna, I want liver..."


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Comic series review: The Surgeon part 2 of 2

This was a series that had an 'almost there' feeling for me.


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Profile on 1970s LSD artist Rick Griffin

In the future, I'm planning on doing more drugs (scenes).


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Comic series review: The Surgeon part 1 of 2

A lone stranger on a horse rides in from the rain.


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Maxine French, and her tragic story.

"Slade 'n' me got into it..."


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Comic Book Review: Lurker

'Lurker' is a series-based concept involving a voyeur-type spirit or character who will cause some kind of mayhem.


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Love and Rockets.

Stylistically, their work is on another level entirely.


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Comic Book Review: The Beastiary

I liked the story and the art, and I understand in its mere 14 pages there's only so much action that can take place.


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Remembering Road Rash I and II

Stay chilly, puppy!


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Graphic Novel review: Whiteout

It's safe to say that the female protagonist is here to stay.


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Comic book review: Glarien

There's a great deal of nudity and right off the bat we're given a very explicit sex scene.


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Read a sneak preview of a full story from Mayfield Eight: Gary Chills

A prose story set in the time frame of my comic.


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10 issue comic run review: The Electric Warrior

Set in a future you've seen many times before.


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