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Spotlight on the 1970s: All in the Family.

Archie Bunker. The name sums up a handy image of the fumbling prejudiced working class man from Queens of the 1970s. He came on the scene at a time when America was being torn apart by opposing factions, a bloody conflict in Viet Nam, civil unrest, riots and assassinations.


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Not underwear or socks...

I want to thank you for letting me share with you every Tuesday and Thursday the happenings and goings-on with my comic book adventures. Keeping and maintaining this connection is special, and I don't take it lightly.


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Review of BY THE TIME I GET TO DALLAS by Colin Devonshire!

By the Time I Get to Dallas tells the story of Rudy Deckart, a young intern at a Boston hospital witnessing the collapse of civilization... ... which consists for the most part everyone dropping what they're doing and walking to a spot on the earth near Dallas, Texas.


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The power of breaking glass

One really easy 'sell' if you will in comics, one thing that really really works well visually in still images is:


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Profile on the Barmaid.

Angelina Maria Sophia Fuentes is a woman who has seen the rough side of life. An early marriage to an abusive man ended in divorce -which for her family meant banishment from the Mexican village outside of Los Trios.


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Review: 'Sons of Anarchy' graphic novel, vol. 1 (part two)

Last week I kind of tore apart this comic a bit. Sorry. It stems from a whiff of disappointment on my part. Is Sons of Anarchy a cover for illegal activity? I... think... so.


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The face in the narration box.

One of the most hokey conventions in comic books -and one I love- is the use of the 'little head' at the top of the narration box. It's used as a reminder that from here on out the story is told in the words of the character in question.


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Review: 'Sons of Anarchy' graphic novel, vol. 1 (part one)

It starts out with a sad cemetery scene at night. 'Tig' is mourning his daughter's death. It ends with Tig rescuing another young lady.Bodies disappear in dumpsters. Cars crash. Lots and lots of gunfire.


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Visualizing the space when drawing a comic book...

Sometimes a story will demand a very specific sequence, things happen in order. First thing comes first. A character does something (meets someone, say) in a special place (the back room) that they had to travel through something to get to (The Rat Hole Bar).


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Profile on Slade.

Born 1940, Solomon Winston, a.k.a. 'Slade' is a hold-over from the 1950s. An original 'juvenile delinquent' who tried to straighten out in the Army, but just spent too many days in the Stockade before being (barely) honorably discharged and sent on his way to San Fe New Mexico.


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Why you need to read 'SINK'

A big shovel is in the title, referring to a Fox-masked vigilante named 'Mr. Dig' who is not altogether the good guy; just more vicious than anyone else. 'Sink' also refers to the neighborhood of 'Sink Hill' which is an actual place near Glasgow.


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The Anticipation of the 'Flop'

What does Tim Burton's 'Batman' (Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson), 'Breaking Bad', Oprah Winfrey's first talk show (Chicago 1986) and Spider Man have in common?


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The chart that saves my life.

Hey there, Tell me if this sort of thing has happened to you. It's 2 AM. I'm just putting the finishing touches on the coloring of a comic book page. Colors are right. Lines are clean. Lettering is loaded in. I'm ready to hit 'save'...


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Profile on Lenny.

Who is Lenny Starkweather? Lenny is a few years older than Calvin. We all knew a guy like him in school. He can get you the Aerosmith tickets, the answers to the physics test. You can get you anything you want...


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Graphic novel review: Local

From time to time I get nostalgic about living in Minneapolis in the 1980s.


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I got punched in the nose.

Last July my fourth Kickstarter for my comic failed. I'm one for three for Mayfield Eight. I was sure I was going to succeed this time and make a big dent in Kickstarter! ...turns out Kickstarter made a dent in me.